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Power generated from biomass and renewable resources is becoming increasingly relevant as energy prices rise and both individuals and businesses become more environmentally conscious.  GPS facilities avoid disposal costs and long term environmental impact of waste, instead capturing the energy value inherent in these streams and converting it into useful energy and higher value end products.

Biomass power facilities provide many benefits to local communities as well, including the economic boost that comes from good-paying jobs in plant construction and operation, as well as jobs in associated industries, such as collection and transportation of biomass materials.  These facilities also serve retain investment dollars within local and state economies, as both the jobs created and the end products flow through the local economy

As American enterprises search for better and more sustainable energy sources, biomass energy stands ready to provide many economic, social and environmental benefits through the generation of either biogas or electricity that is:

Unlike other forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, biomass energy plants are capable of providing reliable baseload generation.  In addition, biomass plants offer fuel diversity, which protects communities from price volatility associated with fossil fuels.  Since biomass energy is domestically produced, biomass power has the capacity to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources, and increase our national security.  Contact GPS to learn more about the benefits of biomass, and how GPS can put this ubiquitous, domestic resource to work for your business.  

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